Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

We understand the importance of delivering high-quality products to our clients. We listen to each client and provide a solution with highest quality standards, whether it’s by providing a team of QA experts for manual testing, developing a high-quality automation test frameworks or consulting on implementing industry-standard testing processes that satisfy your company’s expectations and regulations.

• Manual testing
• Automated testing
• Performance testing

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Making changes to a big and complex code is tough. When you add new stuff,...
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Role of AI in Automated Testing 

In the quickly changing world of software testing, testers everywhere face many challenges. In this...
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Navigating through Agile Projects as a Quality Assurance Engineer

Unlike traditional project management methods that follow a linear and plan-driven approach, agile project management...
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How to switch from manual to automation testing?

Switching from manual to automation testing can be a complex and difficult process so you...
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7 types of testing every QA engineer must know

In our last QA blog post, we have given you a more than general overview...
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Why does your software need a QA Engineer?

Hello there. In today’s edition of our blog post, we will be discussing the subject...
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