Pontis in a nutshell

Pontis Technology is a Croatia-based company founded on April 1, 2022. 

Since our birthday is April 1, naturally, we love to have fun, but we’re not joking around when it comes to your software. 

Pontis is Latin for “bridge”. We chose Pontis as it reflects the connection we wish to make between your problem and our solution. We offer you a way to cross that fast river filled with intricate code and to come to the other side with a software solution. 

Other than developing and improving software solutions for companies and public institutions, we also help build digital products for modern companies and scale their teams, whether they are a startup or an established enterprise. We are here for the full cycle of software development thanks to our hardworking team of Front-end and Back-end Engineers, DevOps Engineers, QA testers, Data Engineers and Project managers. 

Some of our current clients include the UK-based social sports platform StakeMate, Teva Pharmaceuticals, OTP bank and the award-winning production company Light Film International. 

We’re part of an American company – Bridgewest Group and we’re based in the Zagreb neighborhood of Trešnjevka at Kastavska street 8a. 

Perks and recreation

Although constantly growing, there is still less than 50 of us, so we can enjoy all the perks of a small company. We nurture a culture of openness and offer our people flexible working hours and a hybrid workplace. Our employees work on international projects and with the most modern technologies. 

All seniors are provided extra vacation days and all employees, no matter the seniority, have feedback sessions. If you decide to work from the office, don’t worry, we have a parking space reserved for our employees. As far as the inside of the building goes, we don’t have an open space office plan. We love The Doors! We feel that you should have some privacy while working and not your colleagues peering over your back. 

Also, who wants to work on their birthday? If you do, be our guest, but at Pontis, every employee gets a day off on their birthday (if your birthday is by chance on a weekend, you can use the day off any day of the week you like). That way you can spend your birthday the way you want to, with your family and friends, and get everything ready for that party. 

As for the other benefits we have, there are bonuses. Christmas bonus, holiday pay and meal allowance. We also provide a referral bonus program and a baby bonus. It goes without saying that we have both the healthy and the less healthy snacks and beverages in our kitchen. We especially love spring and summer as you can enjoy them on our rooftop terrace. 

We have an extensive mentorship program for juniors and a predefined budget for education and conferences. If you want to brush up on your English, worry not, we have Business English courses led by an English major, as well as Croatian lessons for foreign employees who wish to get into Croatian. 

Healthy mind in a healthy body, so we provide our Employees with the Multisport card and a paid annual medical check-up. Check the rest of our benefits on our Careers page!

Our Values


When one of us has a problem, we all help. Cooperation is key. Also, the communication is friendly and the atmosphere is relaxed and positive.


We strive for greatness. Motivated and ambitious, learning new skills and upgrading old ones comes naturally.


Give respect and you’ll get it back. We communicate clearly, stand by our word and take responsibility for our decisions.


Reliability means sticking to agreements. We learn from constructive criticism and we are there for our colleagues.

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