How we created the Pontis Darts League App

At the heart of every successful IT company lies something more than just lines of code and algorithms. In Pontis, that something is darts.

It may sound unusual, but this game became the core of our collective, and inspired me to develop our own darts application.

It all started as a casual party on a small wall board. Darts quickly turned into our favorite activity between meetings and coding, especially when our CEO surprised us with a new real darts machine. As points and wins were written in an Excel spreadsheet, I realized it was time to take it a step further. It would really be a shame to keep the results of a darts league in Excel in an IT company…

This is how my darts application was born. Created in Blazor and connected to a Postgres database. Everything deployed on Azure, application brings everything needed to run darts tournaments in our company. By implementing Azure authentication I have ensured that only employees of our company have access to the application. The security and privacy of our data is always in the first place. With continuous deployment for each new change, we ensure we always have the latest version of the app.

The application consists of four key pages:

1. Fixtures – Here we can view the schedule of all matches and results. Without worrying about paper and pencil, everything is in one place and easily accessible to everyone.

2. Table – The live table allows us to monitor the current state of players based on the number of points. Dynamic and interactive, this site further raises the tension and competitive spirit.

3. Player Lookup – This page allows users to find a specific player and view all of their played matches, results and the matches they yet have to play. This makes it easy to track individual stats and progress.

4. Administration – A page intended only for administrators that allows adding new players, editing existing ones and generating matches. Everything you need to manage a tournament is in one place.

Our darts application is not only a tool for running tournaments, but has become an integral part of our work culture. Through competition and socializing, we strengthen team bonding and encourage cooperation. Darts has become more than a game – it has become a symbol of togetherness and productive fun in our company.

If you are looking for a way to strengthen team dynamics and emphasize collegiality, it may be time to consider introducing darts into your work routine. As we’ve discovered, sometimes the best ideas and most important lessons come from the oddest places – like the one simple dart game at the center of our IT adventure.

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