Amor Osmić

Amor Osmić

Software Engineer


1. Can you describe your career path?

My interest in computers started at a very young age when my uncle gifted me his computer that had MS-DOS installed as its operating system. Naturally, I had no clue how to navigate the OS, but hey, I could mash my keyboard and see letters on the screen and that was enough for me.

As I grew older, I had the pleasure of using different Windows operating systems, ranging from Windows 98 all the way to Windows 11. I was also a big hardware geek until my 8th grade of elementary school. I would tinker with hardware a lot, be it computer hardware, phone hardware, or even PlayStation hardware. Needless to say, I broke a lot of things that way too.

In my 8th grade I experienced software programming for the first time, learning about flow diagrams and using QBasic as the programming language. It piqued my interest so much that I started focusing more on software, instead of tinkering with hardware. Fast forward to today and here I am, in love with programming and doing it professionally.

2. What do you like the most about Pontis?

The people, culture and atmosphere. It’s mind boggling to me how everyone at Pontis is approachable, nice and ready to help (or hold a conversation about anime or retro games). In my short time working here, I’ve managed to see how Pontis cares about its employees, be it by organizing birthday celebrations, sending gifts to remote workers and so on. They also always make sure that every employee feels valued and heard.

3.  What technologies do you enjoy the most and why?

For now, C# and .NET are the technologies that I enjoy the most and are my favourites. I like how flexible they are and most of their features I enjoy greatly. I’ll leave it here, because if I start talking about the whys, we would be here all day.

4. What is your favourite free time activity?

Fun fact, I’m an introvert that can talk a lot about things I’m passionate about. Chit chat is a real challenge for me though. I don’t have one favourite free time activity as I like to spend time with my lovely wife and cat, play games (Elden Ring, I’m looking at you right now), watch anime, read books or just do nothing and be lazy (yes, I’m a really lazy person).

Bonus fun fact: I can stretch my thumb almost flat.

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