Dijana Perić

Chief Technology Officer


Takes care of 5 corners of the house, private and at work; retired softball player

1. Can you describe your career path?

After graduating from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing I had two different job offers – the first one was to go in the direction of technical presales and the other to work as a software developer. Knowing that this decision will define my future career I gave myself a few days to think and took the offer from the company where I would be working as a Software developer. Now I can confirm it was a good choice. I really liked coding and learned a lot. From that position, I was promoted to a Team lead and after that I went to different management roles which lead me to the current one – Head of Engineering.

2. What do you like the most about Pontis?

I like that we have the opportunity to create a company from the beginning and that I can have an important role in the process. I know what kind of company I want to work in one day and will do my best to make Pontis get there. In addition to that, we really managed to gather a great group of individuals and working with them is a pleasure.

3. What advice would you give to new managers, starting their career in the IT industry?

I recently came across a quote that really made me think. It was about how nobody will remember one’s material gains and successes in life, but instead will remember how one interacted with others. Also, one of the books I recently read is on that topic – The No Asshole Rule. My message to young managers would be – Always be human. If you start from there, good things will follow!

4. As a former Java developer, what are your thoughts on the future of Java?

Java has a huge community, an easy learning curve, and many big companies use it. I like the fact that Java is keeping pace with other languages and is updating versions much faster than several years ago.

Java will stay with us in the future and is a good choice for people who are starting their career in software development. 

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