Manisha Pugalendhi

Manisha Pugalendhi

Project Manager


1. Can you describe your career path?

I started off as a biotechnology graduate with a specialisation in IVF/ Embryology studies. However, I had a chance to get a management degree in addition to this, which pushed me to complete my MBA. During the course of my MBA, I was exposed to the experiences of many inspiring entrepreneurs. This was when I became interested in project management and how problem solving can help in breaking down issues at hand and reach an end goal. I am happy I chose this path which constantly allows me to learn and grow as a person.

2. What do you like the most about Pontis?

I like the inclusivity at Pontis. I have always felt at home and free to express my opinions. The flexibility to work whenever and wherever is also a huge positive.

3.  What technologies do you enjoy the most and why?

Not really a tech person, but any tool which helps make managing our tasks better is always something I am willing to learn.

4. What is your favourite free time activity?

I read a lot of books. Also, take long walks outdoors and find a nice place to sit and read books. I love dogs especially medium to large dogs because I think they are all furry cuddlebugs . I also enjoy cooking for others, I feel a good meal always brings people closer and helps us to enjoy each other’s company!

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