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What is Pontis DevCamp

Pontis DevCamp is a free educational program in which participants have the opportunity to work in a stimulating environment on app development and go through the entire app-creating process — from start to finish.

The goal of Pontis DevCamp is to provide real-life experience of how things work in IT companies. The participants work in groups with a dedicated mentor.

So how does it all work?

After applying, there aren’t any entry exams or tests, but you go through an interview process with our HR team before the start of DevCamp.
The interview evaluates your motivation and basic understanding of object-oriented programming.

When you get into DevCamp, you work in pairs and learn from prepared scripts in English, combined with lectures and consultations with your mentors, in Croatian.

Upon completion of the DevCamp, you receive a diploma.

Oh yeah, participating is free of charge.

What our mentors say about Pontis DevCamp

How come you decided to become a mentor?

I love transferring the knowledge I have acquired throughout the years. Our goal is to expose participants to real-life situations, enabling them to react with minimal stress in similar business scenarios. Mentors also learn from their mentees because fresh minds look at problems from different angles, making this extremely valuable for me as a mentor.

Sandi Zeher, Engeneering Manager

Why would you recommend Pontis DevCamp?

I would recommend Pontis DevCamp as a great way to step into the tech world alongside three experienced .NET developers to hold your hand. You can expect our support and guidance as you explore what we have prepared for you.

Sandi Peklarić, Software Engineer

What can the participants learn at the DevCamp?

At the DevCamp, the participants will receive a solid introduction to the technologies essential for a full-stack developer. The focus will be on hands-on projects, enabling students to grasp the core concepts and methodologies used by full-stack developers. The DevCamp will give them a strong foothold in various technologies a full-stack developer should master.

Filip Šoljić, Software Engineer

What will your tasks look like?

You will be building two apps.
But first, you will create 2 databases which you will later use to create a desktop and a web app.
For the web app, there will be both back-end and front-end coding. While you are coding we will jump in the middle with the basics of Git and source controlling.
But the magic doesn’t stop here. When you’re done with the apps, you’ll transfer the database to Azure and to finish with a cherry on top you’ll containerize your applications and host them on your Azure environment.
Full circle like we’ve said!

Still not sure if you want to apply?

Check out what some of the people we’ve mentored have said

What do you like the most about the mentorship program?

What I liked the most is my mentor’s approach and the materials we were given. The assignments were very creative and there were examples from the real world, and not just pure theory. I can say that we had fun while learning.

Hrvoje Petrović, Junior Software Engineer

Would you recommend the Pontis mentorship program to your friends?

I would definitely recommend the Pontis mentorship program to everyone because I think this is a great opportunity to gain new skills, improve logical thinking and learn how to work in a team with the help of a great mentor.

Lucija Đurković, Junior Software Engineer

What is the most valuable thing you have learned from Sandi as a mentor?

I have learned that the tech world is fun and exciting if you have someone like Sandi as a mentor or colleague. I also learned that a great manager can bring the best out of the people around them. Lastly, I also learned a ton about the ins and outs of software development and how to approach and face problems. I could not have asked for a better mentor!

Marko Mijatović, Student

Take a look at our first generation of Pontis Devcamp

The goal of Pontis DevCamp is to give you real-life experience of how things work in IT companies. No man is an island, and working in pairs and teams is a complex process.
Besides this, you will get a wide array of skills which will set you up for your future. But enough talk, here’s what you’ll learn at the DevCamp.

1st Generation DevCamp program

  1. Basics of setting up databases
  2. Basics of programming in C# and the use of various .NET libraries and frameworks
  3. Basics of creating web APIs
  4. Basics of Angular 16
  5. Basics of Cloud (Azure)
  6. Basics of project development and management using agile methodologies
  7. Basics of Git, CI/CD and source control

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