Social Betting Application – Bet with your Mates

For our client – a start-up in the betting industry we have developed a product from scratch. The client reached out to us with a great idea and a basic POC build. They have recognized that there is space for a new, modern social application in the betting industry which will bring friends together to track football or other sports results and compete against each other. 

What We Did

  • Product discovery
  • Tech stack & architecture definition
  • Cloud infrastructure setup
  • Mobile app development
  • Backend services development
  • Integration with external parties (KYC, various gambling issues verification, sports results retrieval)
  • Compliance measures to follow gambling commission regulations

Trust the process

The Ace in the hole was building the application following Scrum methodology. We started the iterative cycles and built the app from Sprint to Sprint. The team collaborated and different ceremonies helped in the process – daily meetings, sprint planning, refinement, and retrospective. The development started with 2 persons in the team. After the basis was set up in a way that we wanted to and after we realised that the development is going as planned, we played our cards right and expanded the team adding 3 more players. 


Tech Stack

We have decided to go with React Native for the mobile application, Azure as our cloud infrastructure provider and .NET Core and Postgres for the backend part. 



  • The Mobile app is communicating with the endpoint which resides on Azure In some cases, it also communicates with 3rd party vendors for different information
  • Azure is used as an infrastructure for different resources which allows mobile applications real-time communication between different Azure resources and 3rd party services
  • The backend part which connects the mobile application with different resources is written in .NET and since we tend to use the latest stable version, it is updated upon its availability
  • For the database we chose Postgres

Tackles & Challenges

  • Scalable real-time communication between users, infrastructure and 3rd party vendors
  • Various strict regulations
  • Lack of previous experience since the concept of social sports betting is somewhat new

Our Gunners and Citizens

The team that built this project included people of various seniorities and expertise. From the back to the front our starting team included: 

  • Senior Mobile Developer – React Native
  • Junior Mobile Developer – React Native
  • Principal Engineer
  • Lead Software Developer - .NET core
  • Junior Software Engineer - .NET core

Sweetening the pot

When choosing Pontis to do the development, our client got a dedicated team to bring their idea to life. Our team has defined and set up the complete architecture and development process. We made sure that both the backend and the frontend parts of the application are scalable, easy to maintain, and developed per industry standards. 

The experience our team had from prior projects and the access to other experts in Pontis, together with their dedication and a client that trusts our team was the recipe for a great product. When the final whistle blows, the team and the client will emerge victorious. 

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