Tips on how to ace your job interview

Every evaluation process is stressful, especially when the outcome of that process can alter your life course. Job interviews can be classified as those situations where a person is questioning you, and your future 9 to 5 is depending on the outcome of that interview.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the interview is not only scheduled for someone to evaluate you, but it is also an opportunity for you to learn more about the company and see if they are a good fit for you as much as you are for them. After all, the desired outcome is for you to start working for that company, so it should be important for you that it really is an environment that would maximize your work satisfaction and be your feel-good place.


That being said, use an interview to see if the company culture suits you and pay attention to the indicators that suggest the formality of an interview and general tone. It is also important to read the room and show the hiring team that you can adapt to the level that is required for you, formal or informal. Let them set the tone of the interview and make sure that your formality level matches theirs. If you have trouble detecting the formality level, it is better to be a bit too formal than too informal. That way, you can always blame it on being under pressure because you reaaaally want that job. ?


The most effective way of preparing for an interview is to make your motivation obvious. For example, before every interview, take your time to explore more about the company so that you can have a prepared answer for that ‘What do you know about our company?’ question. It shows that you have serious intentions of working in that specific company and in that specific position. By being prepared, you show your willingness to do more than only what is asked for and that you are intrinsically motivated to become a part of the team.


If you have been on more than one job interview, you have probably noticed that the questions can often be similar, and it can leave an impression that one can cheat their way by learning all the correct answers. Indeed, if you ask Google for help, you will find endless pieces of advice, tips, and tricks on how to win that interview. However, those lists of ‘correct answers’ can lead to countereffects such as increased stress levels and unauthentic answering. If you overlearn your answers, you might miss the opportunity for the hiring team to form an impression about your character and it might be harder for you to stand out from other candidates.

Soft skills

Also, you have to consider that the correct answer is only half of the answer. Sometimes, you are going to be asked some questions that require cliché answers, but that is okay. It is always better to answer sincerely than to go over the top in search of an answer that is going to make you stand out. While answering, how you answer is almost as important as the answer itself. You are already used to your communication skills, but you have to acknowledge that the hiring team is meeting you for the first time, so they are forming their impression of you based on everything you give them. It includes things that you probably do automatically, such as listening and not interrupting while others are talking, polite answers, and a friendly approach.

So, while overthinking and detecting awkwardness in each and every answer, keep in mind that you were probably better than you think, and don’t take your soft skills for granted.

Finally, there may not be wrong answers, but there are certainly wrong attitudes. So as long as you are perceived as motivated, polite, and approachable, you can get away with cliché answers. ?

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