Tips & tricks on why your company must have a referral program

A referral program is a recruiting practice that definitely took over the IT world. Today almost every IT company has its referral program, and those who don’t are surely planning to introduce one. It’s no secret that referral is one of the most successful employment methods, so it should not surprise that over 20% of internal hires are referrals. It is a very valuable tool for companies, as well as their employees, so in today’s blog post, we will address a few benefits of the referral program hoping it will motivate you to go to your HR team and recommend a colleague!

1. Cultural fit and company values

We can all agree that comparing your colleagues with family is a cliché. But spending days at work with people you genuinely like sounds like a great benefit.

A good work atmosphere and a healthy working environment are one of the most frequently mentioned factors of job satisfaction. The company and its employees often share the same goal of maintaining a friendly atmosphere, and referral hires often have a solid relationship with their referrer, and are more likely to fit the company culture. They are also familiar with the company values, which makes the referral program an effective way to attract quality people.

2. Faster and easier onboarding process

An effective referral program can definitely make the onboarding process faster and more efficient. Referred candidates are already close with at least one colleague, which can help them feel more comfortable in a new company, and easier to integrate and make friends with new colleagues. In Pontis, every third employee is hired through recommendation. Also, referred hires will receive more help from the person that referred them during the onboarding process, as they have a sense of responsibility toward the colleague they referred. If the referred candidate has any questions about the onboarding process, they can always talk to someone they already know, which is for most people a more natural and comfortable way of getting information.

3. Quality hire

Besides working in a healthy and friendly environment, working with skilled professionals can be extremely valuable and motivating. Working in a quality team makes a job a lot easier, so it is in the interest of the company and its employees to create a positive and stimulating atmosphere. If someone recommends a colleague, you can be pretty sure that the recommended colleague is a great addition to the team.

To sum it up

Overall, referral programs are a beneficial tool for companies as well as their employees. Referral programs produce great new talent, higher productivity, and engagement of employees. They enrich company culture as well as speed up the hiring and onboarding process. Today, a well-designed and implemented referral program is one of the most valuable recruiting practices.

To encourage participation in the referral program, and to recognize the valuable contribution of employees in the hiring process, Pontis provides a financial reward for employees who refer successful candidates.

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